Common Birth Injuries

While we live in an age where the process of childbearing and birthing is down to a science, many children suffer injuries prior to and during the course of the birthing process at the hands of negligent medical professionals and pharmaceutical corporations.

There are several pharmaceutical products that, if taken during pregnancy, have been shown to cause defects in unborn children. Such dangerous product defects should be tested for before drugs are released to the marketplace, but they often slip through the cracks, hurting innocent people. In response, many individuals choose to file defective pharmaceutical lawsuits in hopes of recuperating compensation for the damages they’ve sustained as a result of pharmaceutical negligence.

When handling newborn children, people are cautious to avoid injuring the child. It would follow that doctors who deal with newborns on a daily basis would carry this caution into the delivery room, but some forget that an unborn baby is still a baby and use excessive force during the birthing process.

There is a lot that can go wrong as a child is making its journey into the world and poor decisions from a physician can exacerbate these situations, potentially leaving the child with lifelong injuries, such as cerebral palsy, which can be the result of overly-forceful instrument use on a stuck baby. Sometimes, a newborn’s shoulder gets blocked in the birth canal and doctors try to pull them out. This can cause a serious shoulder injury that can last for months.

Of course, doctors don’t intentionally injure infants, but when their actions are the cause of impairment, they should be held accountable for their medical mistakes.

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