Hiring the Right Drivers for Trucks

Whenever an 18-wheeler is to be used in a cross-country drive to deliver whatever sort of cargo, there are two things that are considered obligatory: that employer and driver make sure that the truck is in good condition (that all its parts, such as the head, tail and signal lights, and brakes work properly); and, that the employer makes certain that his/her truck driver, who will drive the vehicle, is totally qualified, that is, that the driver has undergone proper training and has been issued a license to drive a truck.

Going on a cross-country drive, which covers thousands of road miles, even within just a day, is very common to many truck drivers and, with the size of their vehicle, an accident can mean disaster for whoever is involved. When drivers become sleepy and stop paying attention, the risk for an accident increases exponentially. Thus, it is mandated for drivers to always observe all traffic rules, be wary of other motorists on the road and never drive when drunk, fatigued or sleepy (thus, a sleeper berth is built behind the driver’s seat to allow the driver as long as a 10-hour sleep).

Road safety is a matter that is normally associated with driver factor. To make sure that companies end up hiring the best driver for the job, there are two ways to choose from: hire the services of a functional employment testing firm, which will conduct all the appropriate screenings and provide them with a list of the most qualified candidates; or, conduct the background checks themselves, which should provide them with all the information they need to know about their applicants.

The importance of conducting a background check is that it will give companies information about their applicants’ traffic violation history (if there are any) or if any of their applicants has been involved in road accidents, has a DUI case, a serious medical condition or issues of substance abuse. Though some previous employers may manifest reluctance in sharing information, acquiring vital info to enable them to separate the good apples from the bad will save them from accident claims in the future.

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