Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries are very common among workers in a construction site. Regular drilling, digging, driving and many other activities can accumulate and cause havoc on your joints and nerves. Although most people associate worker’s compensation with devastating injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, slip and fall, and other life-threatening injuries, having repetitive motion injuries is also covered in worker’s compensation. Being injured on the job, as well as because of the job, is accountable for worker’s compensation.

There are many reasons why repetitive motion injuries occur, all of which are present in construction sites. Factors such as repetitive activities, trauma, and friction are all present when working on a construction site, making workers vulnerable to injuries. Although there is no need for a construction accident lawyer when asking for compensation for these injuries, it would still help to consult them for legal advice and guidance.

It may not seem serious, but repetitive motion injuries can have a huge impact in daily life. It can cause pain and suffering to the worker, taking away a number of their working days. Severe injuries can even prevent the worker from coming back to work, and the injury can become a hindrance in their daily activities. Getting the worker’s compensation for these types on injuries is important in order to pay for lost income along with amounting medical bills.

When it comes to asking for compensation for repetitive motion injuries, one thing to prove is that the injury is because of the constant exposure to the job, and medical records should be present. Medical examinations and doctor’s testimonies must be solid in pointing out that the work is the contributing factor in the injury. It is then up to the worker’s compensation judge to determine if the testimonies are enough to grant compensation to the injured party.

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